Autumn Leaves &...
By serenaachaw
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When Autumn visits London with her girl-squad, she is introduced to Xavier Montgomery during such a naughty, intoxicated event. Now in less formal words; Autumn has drunk sex with the most famous writer and former model of England and the world. After that Xavier -- the stone cold Briton who only has to snap his fingers for you to fall in love with him -- searches for several ways to keep in touch with the fiercy American. w h e r e c o l d m e e t s w a r m & l o v e m e e t s s e c r e t s For an extended summary check the first chapter. [#1 in New Adult] [#8 in Humor] [#3 in Friendship] ©sisterserenaxo | Serena Achaw 2018

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Autumn Le...
by serenaachaw