The Rewind #romance...
By KimberleySBLieb
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As Chrissy looks fondly at her ex-husband taking their daughter out for the day, she wishes she was going with them. if only she could rewind her life and change things, she certainly would have done things differently. However, life isn't as simple as that is it? Now in hindsight she sees her faults and Joe's. If only they had talked before she had been so stupid. Now it was too late. The deed had been done. The divorce papers were still on the shelf in the kitchen where they had sat the for last six months. Joe hadn't chased her. Did that mean there was hope? She hadn't been happy when they were together and neither was she apart. Chrissy knew she still loved him but it hadn't been enough before. If only she could go back to the moment things started to unravel with the knowledge, she had now but would that make any difference she wondered? Could he be the man she needed him to be again, like the one she first met who had swept her off her feet. The time when it was them against the world and just the feel of his lips on hers made everything else fade away. Well, she was never likely to find out was she? Don't assume anything. Don't blame anyone. Twists. Turns. Don't decide until you read further on.... Truly appreciate if you could let me know if you think I should add any other tags. Thankies

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The Rewin...
by KimberleySBLieb