The Lock
By StevenWyble
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Lena Gibson lives an unremarkable life as a barista at an unassuming coffee shop in downtown Seattle. Her biggest problems are working back-to-back closing and opening shifts, and trying to forget about her ex-boyfriend. But when she witnesses a man seemingly fall to his death outside her shop one night, she's suddenly thrust into a world of danger, intrigue and literal monsters. Gabriel Rinehart is a vagabond straddling the line between two worlds, making ends meet by procuring artifacts from one world and selling them in the other. After stumbling upon what looks like a huge score, he finds himself instead chasing after a legendary artifact that could be unfathomably dangerous in the wrong hands. Two people. Two worlds. Two stories. When their paths cross, they'll find themselves running down the clock to save both their worlds from unspeakable dangers. _______ #1 in hidden world, Jan. 28-Feb. 4, 2019 #2 in another dimension, March 27-April 5, 2019 _______ Trying to update every other Monday as my day job allows. Is a work in progress and any feedback is much appreciated. If you like what you read, please remember to vote! You can also listen to The Lock as a free audiobook-style podcast. It's available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play, or at this link: Also, check out my new book, "Duplicate Minds," available on Amazon here:

The Stranger

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The Lock
by StevenWyble