Call Me Sir
By snow_mountain
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"I have another class I have to go to," I said, trying my utmost to sound strong and confident, but with shaky hands and a clogged up vision it was quite hard to do so. "Skip it, for ME," his husky voice in the crook of my neck, his warm breath blowing across my skin sending tingles down my spine. "S-sir, this is- aahh..." My moan cut me off my sentence as his tongue danced across my neck, and his big hand groping my ass firmly. "You were saying?" "This is wrong," I managed out a whisper as my breath hitched in my throat when he hoisted me up against the wall and wrapped my thick legs around his waist as he pressed his forehead against my own. "But it feels so right," he breathed out as i felt his huge bulge pressing against my wet panties, "Say you want me, say you want this." "I..." I breathed out as the friction between our legs became too much, "I want you..." He smirked, raising a brow and tilting his head slightly, unhappy. "Sir," I finished off and he smiled happily, pressing his erection further into my skirt as his hands travelled around my body. "You're mine now, Alyssa." ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WARNING. THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT AND IS NOT ADVISED FOR YOUNG READERS. READ AT OWN WILL.

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Call Me S...
by snow_mountain