Initium novum [Comp...
By DanielHorcic
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  • mystery
  • past
  • prophecy
  • relationship
  • religion
  • revenge
  • science-fantasy
  • sciencefiction
  • undiscovered
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©DanielHorcic All right reserved A story about a girl who is adopted by a veteran soldier. She didn't know who her real parents are and she wishes to find out. At the age of 16 she is a witness to an arrest and then the execution of her adoptive father. That makes her hate the government and the regime she lives under much harder for her and she feels trapped. She swears avenge her adoptive father and prepares to stop an imperial regime which threatens her planet. She will stop at nothing to ensure her people's freedom so they can have normal lives again. On her way to the revenge and the truth, she finds friends and love. But as she dives deeper and deeper into the her goal, she finds out a terrible truth about her real father and about what he had done.

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Initium n...
by DanielHorcic