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The first rule of matchmaking - trust your instincts. When top chef Jake Sinclair steps into the fortune teller's waiting room for his monthly reading, he hadn't anticipated a delay, or that the delay would be for him. The fortune teller is expecting someone. Several minutes later, Ebony enters the shop. It's the last place she wants to be on a Friday night, but her Aunt - a master matchmaker - has ordered Ebony to seek council about her failing career. Even Ebony can't deny the truth. She is a terrible matchmaker. No, make that the worst matchmaker in history. As for her own love life, that was over some time ago, and Ebony has taken up a 'strictly no men' vow. But she has never been in a waiting room with Jake... 💖 * 1st place Winner in Romance . 2nd Biannual New Beginnings Writer's Awards (2019) * 1st place in Chicklit. The Chaos Awards 6 (Jan, 2019) * Finalist, Chicklit - The masquerade awards. 2019 * Best Female Character in Romance Writing Contest Awards (Jan, 2019) #1 - Fortuneteller (Jan, 2019) Copyright: Samantha Kately. 2018. All Rights Reserved. This work may not be replicated or altered in any form without permission from the author.

1. Jake

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