Passage to Kraälst...
By EryxAias
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  • unconscious


Benjamin Mills turns thirteen with the arrival of the Fall Equinox, but he doesn't want to grow up and this means he's one year closer to adulthood. At home, he feels alone and abandoned by the adults that were supposed to be there for him. When the clock strikes midnight, a strange door appears in his basement. Before he could decide whether to open it or leave it alone, it instantly transports him to the alien planet of Kraälst Ta'ark. The aliens that inhabit the planet kill and eat every creature that crosses a door. This makes Benjamin quickly realize that his worries were trivial when compared to being trapped on a world where he's considered food. Only another prisoner can help him escape, but should he really trust her? Can he learn to be courageous enough to face all the dangers and allow the extraterrestrial stranger to help him? ___________________________________________ "It's not the destination, it's the journey." ___________________________________________ YA Science Fantasy novella. ***Novella made from the short prompt Stranded on the Other Side finalist.*** Reviewed by @MajesticIncAwards and reviewer @amaranthinepoetry


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Passage t...
by EryxAias