My Hero Academia...
By SmileychanEmily
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Hero. The word brings hope to people. Heroes save countless lives, ensure the safety of everyone, and people can believe in tomorrow because of them. Yumi Midoriya, the daughter of Izuku and Ochako Midoriya, has dreamed of becoming a hero her whole life. A dream that is far-fetched. However, despite her unexpected setback, it doesn't change the fact that she has a heroic spirit, and after proving that she has what it takes to be a hero, Yumi is given a chance to make her seemingly unreachable dream a reality. With her best friend, the upbeat and dedicated Saika Todoroki, the distant yet kind-hearted and determined Satoshi Bakugo, the responsible and earnest Teijo Iida, the focused and confident Kousuke Fujikawa, and the rest of their generation of Class 1-A, these aspiring heroes will embark on their journey of becoming pro heroes, with countless adventures just around the corner. - NOTICE: Please do not plagiarise this story and its contents. BNHA does not belong to me. Additionally, this story may contain spoilers and may also include some ships that you may or may not agree with. Please do not comment hateful things that could offend people. Thank you~.

Chapter 1 - The Next Generation

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My Hero A...
by SmileychanEmily