Not Gone....
By itzl123
  • Romance
  • aftermath
  • love
  • mafia
  • sequel
  • suicide


Five years after Lilly's suicide everything changed. Mostly Daniel the guy that loves her. The guy that hoped she didn't die. They guy that wanted the surgeon to come out and say she made it and was breathing. But that didn't happen instead the surgeon came out and before she could finish her sentence Daniel was already out of the hospital. He couldn't let her finish.he just knew what she was going to say. Daniel decided to cut any connections that he had of Lilly's family then he ran away to Paris ,France. He became the most well known Mafia leader. The most feared and rich. He had the money, the looks, and the women. He had tried to move on, but he knew that his heart belonged to Lilly the girl he let down when he was a child. The girl that couldn't live in this cruel world anymore. So all he thinks about now is what he could have done to have stopped her from leaving... Sequel to I Hate You I Love You, comes Not Gone. A story about a boy turned cruel because of the grief he holds of his dead best friend and lover. He thinks she is dead, but how does he know for sure when he never let the surgeon finish? Discover the exciting story of Daniel and the road of discovery. Will he be happy again? Is Lilly really dead? Does he ever return? Will he ever learn to love again or will he be forever alone in the this cruel world that took the love of his life away? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Daniels POV: The priest is about to ask Miranda if she takes me as her loving husband, but is interrupted with the sound of the door opening. Everyone's heads shoot back to see who has interrupted or have been extremely late to the wedding. I look closely at the's the Burdens I have forgotten that I had invited them. "We are sorry for being late, you may now proceed again," Mrs. Burden says elegantly. The priest clears his throat. I look at the Burdens as they sit down. Jack, Sophie, Mrs. Burden, Mr. Burden. They settle down and I can see and extra figure..

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Not Gone...
by itzl123