The Devil With Two...
By chickenyourass
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"Get your hand off her. Now. " Two gun was pointed at the men as their movement halted along with their breath. "W-who the fuck are you?! " Your father tensed up as he stood in reflexs. Your eyes widen, "What are you doing here?! I told you to wai-" "Wait until when, Y/n? Until you got rape? Get your ass back here and we'll be leaving. Now. " Jimin yelled, shooting a glare at the men. *** A woman who was scarred by her past; wishing the day to past by and withered her pain away, but the wound was just too deep to be heal by its own. A man who was trained to be perfect in the eyes of his men; but deep inside, he wished he was a normal guy who wouldn't need to hold the gun and slaughter his enemy to hold his pride. The fate brought them together, to heal each others and to make peace with their soul. Will they follow the fate? Or will they break the fate to build their own destiny?

Chapter One

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The Devil...
by chickenyourass