leather and cigaret...
By girlxwriter
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edit: lmao this book is so old and i don't think I'm gonna continue it. sorry :( - madds Bad boy, James Dean, is the most reckless heartthrob at his high school. Annabelle Smith soon turns into the most beautiful and popular teenage girl when she arrives. Her boyfriend, Frank, is the school's football quarterback and a very popular guy. Annabelle has no other choice but to hang out with her athletic boyfriend since she has yet to make friends there. What happens when Frank and his team get into a fight with James and the greasers? Will Annabelle be able to keep her and James' friendship a secret forever? Or will their friendship turn into something more? Sounds cliche, but it's definitely a lot more than a boy and a girl falling in love. - Two young teenagers are absolutely crazy about each other. A bad boy who would only show his true self to her, and a good girl who would only stop reading her books to experience the wild things with him. Read about their adventures in the day and deep conversations at night. • • •


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leather a...
by girlxwriter