The unintentional C...
By LostLeviosa3107
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Gellert Grindelwald. Albus Dumbledore had wished to never hear that name again. The name of someone he had once loved - and still did. Grindelwald is back - out of prison and willing to start a war to make his dream come true - the dream of a 'greater world'. He only needs one person to make that dream come true. And that person is currently on their way to Paris. This is how I imagined and wished the Crimes of Grindelwald to be (major events and plot points are heavily different from the new movie, so there will probably be NO SPOILERS. I wrote this a few months ago, even before the trailers came out). Everybody has their own struggle to choose a side. People whose lives are completely different, but they all are part of a huge puzzle. One of these people is the second darkest wizard in history and another is the only person who was able to stop him. It is also about heartbreak and falling in and out of love. A story about pride and a dream that turned into a nightmare.

Prolog - voices from the past

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The unint...
by LostLeviosa3107