Breathe and love
By Armybangts
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This story is about you trying to figure things out after the death of your parents. You always thought that you had a perfect life but you started to discovered that it was one big lie. It was tough but luckily Jungkook was by your side, or were you unlucky?? *** But then you saw how his stare softened. His eyes locked with yours. And he kept looking deep into them. He didn't say a word. For some reason your heart started beating a bit faster. You wanted to break your eye contact but it felt like you couldn't. His beautiful eyes were asking to be looked at. Suddenly you noticed how Jungkook's face seemed to come closer to yours. So close that you felt his breath brushing your skin. At that you totally froze. Your mind couldn't decide whether to move away or let him come closer to you, so you just...froze. ***


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Breathe a...
by Armybangts