Encounters With a M...
By Montreece_Ellington
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It was only supposed to be a quick visit to her office and back. The last thing Dr. Michelle Baker envisioned for her day was to be hanging from a skyscraper and being rescued by an actual vampire. One whose handsome and pained faced made the psychologist within her ache to unravel his mind as she tries to understand the clandestine world he comes from. He was supposed to be searching for his brother yet Valmond De Valencia found his fated love reincarnated instead. Somehow agreeing to be a guinea pig for the doctors Archive- an immersive memory recollection machine- Valmond wonders if he could use his new circumstance to his advantage in order to make Michelle remember her past lives with him. But even if he could get her to remember their fated ties to each other, would he be willing to turn her into his kind, or would he allow her to live out the rest of her mortal life with someone else in hopes that she would be reborn one last time?

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by Montreece_Ellington