With Your Love
By heyitshusna
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******READ A BIT OF MY LATEST CHAPTER TO SEE HOW MUCH MY WRITING HAS IMPROVED LIKE HONEST ITS SO CRINGEY I CANT****** Falling in love with your best friend seemed too cliche for my liking, so me and my best friend always knew we weren't going to do just that. However, life is so unexpected and before I knew it, I had a brain tumor, was stripped of my old life and given a new one. A life without my best friend, Niall Horan. I left the X Factor, where I had made it up to bootcamp, but it didn't matter. My dreams were crushed, there was no hope. I never did tell Niall, about my brain tumor and just cut contact with him. He didn't need to worry about me. What I didn't realize is that Faith also comes into play and well Faith does whatever the hell it wants. So next thing I know, here I am, reunited with my best friend. My brain tumor is gone, and I have my best friend back. It's times like these where I realize it's just a little too good to be true. And it is. Slowly, without even meaning to, I start falling for the boy who was none other then my best friend. Everyone knows falling in love with someone you simply cannot have is a nightmare, and I feel as though this nightmare will just never end.

Please read before you continue!!!

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With Your...
by heyitshusna