An Unexpected Turn...
By fairiesofnature
  • Fantasy
  • dark
  • earth
  • elements
  • fire
  • light
  • magic
  • metal
  • water
  • wind


Elves? Werewolfs? Vampires? Fairies? Vultures??? Those only exist in some fairytales for children. But long ago nature decided to pass her powers known as elements of nature to people with special abilities. But one day the balance was destroyed when the guardian of air was "killed" by one of her enemies. For ages nobody had seen any airbenders to be able to replace the real chosen one. Until one day... Rose and Jim are twins and they will enter the university. Last summer they discovered that Rose was an airbender and Jim a fire and lightning bender so they tried not to attract attention . Unfortunately, they had to be with roomates of the opposite gender so you know what this means!!! Love, hate, happiness, sadness etc. Of course we shouldn't forget the relationship between the six friends and the obstacles they have to overcome plus magic and high school don't go together,right? Will Rose be able to be the next master of wind or just a normal girl? Most important will she be accepted by the school society???

Introduction:When it all started

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An Unexpe...
by fairiesofnature