Steel Cobra
By jcdog321
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  • soviet
  • thriller
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It is 1984. The Soviet Union has been fighting a guerrilla war against Afghanistan insurgents for nearly five years. The United States, fearing any direct involvement could spark a global war, has secretly been backing and supplying Afghan forces in an effort to contain the Russian's power-hungry march on the Middle East. However, to maintain what little control of this unstable conflict they can manage, the CIA has called upon the help of a secret militia group, Steel Cobra, made up of American ex-servicemen and exceptionally skilled rookies. One such rookie, Jason, quickly finds himself a command that he never wanted in a war he never knew. He, with the help of new but dangerous friends, quickly learns that this war is more than it seems in this action-packed adventure.

Chapter 1

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Steel Cob...
by jcdog321