Villain Family (DIS...
By dekubishh
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(Cover by AnimeFreaks123) The day Izuku was born was the day that the league of villains base became a place full of happiness, at least for them. When Izuku was born Inko didn't want him, nor did his father. They both were work obsesed and didin't give Izuku what every parent should give their child... love They got tired of him and threw him out in the middle of the street. People would cast him a glance and move right past him. That was the day tomura got lectured by Kurogiri for spilling milk all over the counter because of a fight between him and Dabi. Tomura was walking down the street to go buy cleaning supplies when he came across Izuku. He took him to the bar and from that day on Izuku Shigaraki finally had a family that cares for him like if he was an actual person and not just a doll. Or Izuku gets raised by villains and becomes a phsychotic and sarcastic, not to mention babe attracting piece of shit. Includes: *yaoi *cursing *self indulgent writing *slightly slow updates *horrible jokes *ooc Uraraka (but she has a secret behind that, just bear with her for a bit) *ooc Izuku Characters and other things don't belong to me, they belong to the wonderful Kohei Horikoshi, i only own the plot.

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Villain F...
by dekubishh