Wanted By The Mafia
By VenusTheAlien
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Grace was an ordinary girl... Sike. This isn't one of those stories. Meet Grace Belmonte, who belongs to one of the biggest gangs in Italy. She's well known for her smart mouth, racing, bad-ass fighting and now the target on her back... After killing three of the Italian Mafia's best men, she unintentionally caught the attention of Antonio Romero; the Mafia's ruthless leader. And now he wants her... - - - He let go of my hands to cup my ass and I kissed him once again, my hands tangled in his black hair. We finally broke apart, his forehead leaning on mine. "Vuoi tornare a casa mia? (Wanna go back to my place?)", he asked me with a smirk. "Sì. (Yes.)", I breathed. He let go of me and stepped back, giving me just enough time to punch him in the stomach and run back to my car. - Warning: Strong language and mature scenes!

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Wanted By...
by VenusTheAlien