THORNED [A Vicious...
By xxKatVxx
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"What do you have that I don't, kitten? Tell me and maybe...maybe I will release your brother." He is lying again. All he does is lies. He forgot that I'm familiar with his game. He forgot who taught me not to trust anyone. So, when my eyes meet his, he only sees what's left of me. What he wants to see. His broken Queen. "I-I have you." *** Nick Taylor doesn't know when to stop crossing lines. Like how he didn't know how ruthless Ace Martinez really could be when betrayed. And now his sister was going to caught in a war she might never return from. Raine Taylor wasn't supposed to be so fun to play with. She wasn't supposed to understand Ace's game far better than him. Ace wasn't supposed to hesitate to kill her. After all, the only punishment for betrayers in the La Eme is death. And maybe Raine is not far from wishing she already was. Warning: 18+


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by xxKatVxx