A Year At The Opera
By JamesStark612
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'When you're sixteen, everything is a soap opera.' Summer is finally over. The town of Athea can once again return to its boring schedule. That is, until an accident. An accident that changes everyone. Mostly, it changes sixteen-year-old Aaron Adler. His life is torn apart when his father, the only man in his life who's ever been there for him, is tragically killed in that accident. And on the night he receives the news, Aaron makes a wish. A wish his father wasn't dead. A wish the world was like those soap operas his friend, Eleanor, liked. And to his absolute shock, his wish is granted. As Aaron deals with the consequences of his actions, a serial killer is loose in Athea. And Aaron and his friends have found themselves caught up in the murders. With no one else seeming to care about the murders, it's fallen to Aaron and his friends to catch the killer and undo the wish but at what cost? A/N: This is an Urban Fantasy novel with soap opera vibes. It's in the fantasy genre because Wattpad doesn't have an urban fantasy genre and frankly this book has so many genres it would be easiest to put it in fantasy. Its an urban fantasy, murder mystery, thriller, teen romance, coming of age story set in a soap opera. Its a lot but it works together surprisingly well. I'll be updating this book whenever possible because the chapters are lengthy. Have fun!

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A Year At...
by JamesStark612