Remember the Time I...
By Saiminna
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#1 Okita category 2018! Thank you! The Shinsengumi's Greatest Operation yet! "WHY IS THE WHOLE WORLD AGAINST ME?!" Yulia's a total closeted otaku, but struggling to keep that to herself is the least of her problems. What's a 21st century girl gotta do to get by in the world!? So when she wakes up after a troublesome accident down by the motorway, she finds it all the more strange that... she's in the body of Hakuouki's leading protagonist Chizuru Yukimura?! Now she must test her knowledge of Hakuouki, and try to survive the turbulent era of 1860s Japan! Crazy inhabitants of Kyoto, deranged Rasetsu, cut-throat demons, the spooky civil wars, and even her own family! The Shinsengumi, are there watching her every step! How is this loud-mouthed idiot going to pretend to be a meek, demure Chizuru, whilst also crossdressing as ... a male? This is a story of romance, coming of age, hilarious antics, and coming to terms with being a part of Japanese history! Reincarnation at its worst! | hakuouki【薄桜鬼 】

Chapter 0 | The Harbinger

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by Saiminna