Unwritten [ A Niall...
By stylishmuser
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COMPLETED // Updated periodically with post-story drabbles. The only thing keeping Neha Khanna together is the book shop she owns and the romance novels she loses herself in. Niall Horan, on the hand, is a cocky investment banker with a penchant for saving failing businesses and turning profits. If you ask him, he doesn't have a single romantic bone in his body. When Neha is on the verge of losing everything because of blissful ignorance, Niall's the only one who can keep her world from shattering. But, that's only if they can learn to get along first. TW: This story does mention the death of a family member. It is not detailed. A story about being lost and finding yourself, with help from the most unexpected of things: places, books, and realizing that everyone has a story - some just have yet to be written.

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by stylishmuser