California love
By Jazzzoo2x
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Selena and Aaliyah are two very attractive girls that just graduated and moved to Cali to go to collage to get away from Selena's dad half of their drug cartel but on their way they meet two boys Greg and Jeffery. Not only did they meet the two most the most attractive, most wanted Boys in Cali but they start to go out with. But while falling in love with Jeff and Greg they also meet drama, crazy exes, and the other half of her dads cartel which Jeff owns because of his fathers death. Selena moved away from the cartel just to get deeper into the cartel because she started to fall for Jeff and she gotta stick by his side because she's a ROD (ride or die) Type girl. Read to find out more .... Xoxo pink This story is unedited so there are not any quotation marks I was just writing from the top of my head .

Here comes the drama

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by Jazzzoo2x