The Last Moonwolf
By Kiara_vr
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A wolf that had no wolf and did not know she was a wolf lived in a wolf pack, oblivious to the wolves around her. Growing up all Ashley knew about werewolves was from the books. Never in her wildest dreams would she believe that her family and those around her were wolves in the Blood Stone Pack. If having a family who were secretly the Beta family of a wolf pack was not enough, Ashley may just have been far more of an anomaly than anyone realised, being the last of her kind. The last Moonwolf. ~ Warning: I HOLD THE COPYRIGHT YOU DO NOT. Possibly slow updates. This was published for fun. Keep criticism to a minimum. Please. Hate comments are not nice when you are the one receiving them. ~ Status: Ongoing. Very slow updates for now. Previously: The Alpha's Lost Mate. ~

Chapter 1

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The Last...
by Kiara_vr