Beneath the Vaults...
By AmyMarieZ
  • Vampire
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  • disease
  • echolocation
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// Wattys 2019 Winner Horror & Paranormal // After a one-night stand, Aaron contracts a mysterious disease. As the symptoms get worse, in desperation he flies across the Atlantic to seek help from Clara, a stranger he meets through an online forum. When she doesn't offer the cure he's been hoping for, Aaron is forced to face the realization that there's no going back. The affliction's course is never quick or easy, but for Aaron, things take an even more grotesque turn. When the leader of Edinburgh's most sinister and reclusive group learns about the unique path the disease has run, he takes a special interest - one that threatens Aaron's life and sanity. / Cover design by @AuthorClarke / 🥈Second place in Vampire/Werewolf, The Sass Awards 2019 🥇 Winner in Vampire/Werewolf, World of Champions III 2019 🥇 First place in Vampire, The Chaos Awards 7 🥈 The Elite Awards - Runner Up in Paranormal 🏆 The Wattys 2019 Horror and Paranormal Winner 🥇 Winner in Vampire/Werewolf, Cosmic Social Awards 2019 🥇 First Place in Horror/Paranormal, The Insidious Awards

// One //

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Beneath t...
by AmyMarieZ