In the Shadows~zayn...
By MyLifeIsForfeit
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~Life's not fair when love could start a war~ A timeless tale of forbidden love emerges in the 1650s. And their love not only affects them, but the future of their warring nations. How is there time for love when the fate of a country rests in one's hands? Kalysta is the Princess of Elysium, trained in politics and burdened to save her country from the greed of a rival King. So what good could come of falling in love with Ambassador Zayn, her enemy's son? Is love worth the risk? When the heart stirs Duty falls away. Eternal night fails In the light of a new day. Ramifications are reaped From actions sown. Is love better sought Or left alone? WARNING (and only warning): This is a mature story with: discussions of sex, rape, and misogyny; mild swearing; political intricacies; and other adult themes. It is rated PG-13 as based on the prerequisites set up by Wattpad. If any of this bothers you, I suggest not reading. It is meant for older teens and adults. Thank you for your understanding! Started June 2014


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In the Sh...
by MyLifeIsForfeit