Philophobia [MxM]...
By Yeon-Jae
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Thirty one year old Ryan Winter is everyone's dream guy. He had everything he could ever want. Wealth, beauty, status and the perfect husband. His life was not short of anything. However that couldn't be farther from the truth. Coming home everynight to a quiet mansion and eating dinners alone, while his CEO husband works late at night, at least that's what he keeps telling him. Ryan longs for something more.. something money couldn't possible buy.. From a young age, he didn't understand the concept of love. Growing up surrounded by servants who tended to his every need, as well as the absence of parental love, it did not come as a surprise that Ryan longed for it in any shape and form. Him being an only child resulted in sibling love being foreign to him as well. To Ryan, love was an emotion that was completely unknown to him.. He thought he would finally experience it when he got married. Someone he would spend the rest of his life with. Little did he know that it would be the first sprouting of his childhood fear. AN: This book will contain a HOMOSEXUAL storyline. If that is something you do no support, kindly do not read further. Thank you!!

Chapter 1

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by Yeon-Jae