Against All Odds
By VanessaTheAuthor
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Benjiman Cartier Gotti, "BG" to the streets, "Benji" to those he cared about, which was slim to none. A young thug at the age of twenty one with a hustler's mentality, killer demeanor, and the game that could make any girl fall in love. With a heart made of ice and the big dreams of being one of the richest street hustlers the world had ever seen, he took the streets by storm with ambition. Benji was a go-getter and was determined to do whatever it took to get it, by any means necessary. He strayed to a place that he knew could turn his dirty rags into riches, which is exactly what he did. He knew shit wouldn't be given to him on a silver platter, so he grinded hard for his ticket out until he found himself on top of it all. Just because you started from the bottom, doesn't mean it's where you'll end .. and just because you never had shit, doesn't mean you never will. Benjiman Cartier Gotti was a natural born hustler. Against all odds he came out on top, but at what cost? Vanessa Wright | Copyright ©️ 2019 | All Rights Reserved Author: Vanessa Write | Cover: _tolerated NOT A FAN FICTION.

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Against A...
by VanessaTheAuthor