Skins & Needles
By Bailey-Elizabeth
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"Aren't you worried about me knowing where your super-secret-criminal-lair is located?" I asked as we drove. We were out of the city now, and I couldn't have made out the road signs through the darkened limo windows anyway, but it seemed silly that he would chance me memorizing the route. "Are you going to tell anyone?" Arsen questioned in return, but I could see his half-grin even in the darkness. "Of course not!" I mock-exclaimed. "But if I wanted to..." "I just find it funny that you think I have a lair," he told me, kicking his feet up on the seat next to me. "We aren't super villains." "I mean you are getting driven home in a limo." It seemed a reasonable assumption. "Eh, that's just for Solstice," he said with a wave of his hand. "On regular occasions, when we aren't trying to show up other circles, we drive our own vehicles." "Do you have a batmobile?" Now I was just talking to distract myself from the pain of broken ribs and a healing bullet wound. I hadn't taken any of the pills yet, but I was tempted to just have my two now to erase all thoughts of pain. "I'm not a hero either, Charlotte. Far from it." --- What makes the criminal organizations of Phoenix, Arizona so efficient, and so untraceable? Charlotte Acosta doesn't know, nor does she care to find out. She just wants to tattoo and stay on the bad guys' good sides by pulling clean lines and sick designs. However, when one of her regular clients invites her to a glitzy party with all the city's more dangerous in attendance, she can't help but accept. She's neutral ground, after all. What's the worst that could happen? Arsen Volkov never wanted a tattoo. The only reason he was in the shop was to support his cousin, yet something about the zany, red-haired, spitfire of an artist made him want to change his mind. But how could he justify his attraction to her when they come from two different worlds? Not to mention species...


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Skins &am...
by Bailey-Elizabeth