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When the king and Queen are lost on who they should crown the new queen of Avelyn, they come up with a simple task. They send the three princesses to live a normal life. They have to maintain a balanced and successful life abroad, unknowing of the reason of them being sent there. They discover a new side to themselves, and realize new feelings. She who has dreamed of the crown her entire life now begins to question it. Because in her newfound life, she's happier. She who has worked her entire life to be the perfect queen, being the oldest of her sisters, now finds a sense of freedom. She opens her eyes to a real adventure laid out in front of her rather than on a book. She who always doubted herself with her royal duties, lives the life she's always dreamed of. She learns more responsibility. But alas, they face some trouble along the way. Being secretly royal has it's consequences. And when the threat turns to their kingdom, which of them will rise to protect their land, honoring her ancestors, who have once stood where she is now, defending their true home. Who will be their future queen? warning: it has some slight curses. This is also the first draft, I will be going over it again to fix some mistakes I made. #1 in Modern Cinderella 9.1.2019 #3 in fitting in 14.12.2019


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