Perfect Fate
By fanoshkaflippo
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Formerly known as ANNOYING, FEISTY, YET ADORABLY CUTE HIM: Staying the night? Not my thing. Hearts and flowers? Boring. Falling in love? Not anytime soon. Settling down? Off the table. Getting married? You're kidding me, right? That was me before that night. Because, well, meeting a hot chick that made me hard just by looking at her was definitely not in my plans when I sneaked out of a woman's apartment after what was already a long night. Taking her home and getting her a chocolate cake, though, was kinda intentional. But falling for her? Boy, that was pretty much inevitable. Now, do you think if I propose she'll say yes, or should I just knock her up so she'll have no choice?.. Okay, right, I got it. I'll kidnap her and force her into saying yes.. No, that can't be right, she'll get really mad at me if I do that.. I need another plan. HER: He came out of nowhere. Literally. I was there, sitting on that bench, barefoot and crying and just getting my heart broken in peace and quiet! Then he appeared, all mad and furious and sexy and tall and just drool-worthy! And just like that, despite my poor attempts of escaping him, he had me wrapped in his world. A really nice, comfortable, full-of-sexy-rich-men, fun world.. that I have absolutely no intentions of leaving anytime soon. 11.09.2014: General Fiction #41 12.04.2014: Romance #74 ------ ** Copyright © 2014 by Fanoshka Flippo (Farah Fekry). All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Fanoshka Flippo / Farah Fekry. ** ** WARNING! PG-13! Parents are strongly cautioned.. please be warned before you read it.** This story is PG-13 due to some sexual references and language. Some chapter contain sexual scenes but there's always a warning at the head of the chapter. Read at your own risk.


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Perfect F...
by fanoshkaflippo