Wings For The Jailb...
By Devilsmom
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#1 jail #1 fight #1 criminal *** "Don't take it personal, I just like to play it safe, you know." He said, crouching down in front of me to tie each of my ankles to the chair. I couldn't move at all, especially after he duct taped even my waist to the chair. I watched him examine his work whilst he rubbed his beard and then a slow grin creeped onto his face. He bent down and put one end of the duct tape on my damn nipple, went around the chair again and ripped it off. He put the other end on my other nipple and I felt my cheeks heat up in humiliation. "Just to make sure you don't get cold again." He looked at me, his smirk slowly fading again. I gave him a hard stare. His hand reached out and fixed the glasses on my nose. Then he turned the chair so, that I was looking at the couch. He sat down, arms spread out on the back rest of the old leather couch, his eyes fixed on me again. "And now we're gonna talk." *** Belle Valery was a hardworking and rather unpopular law school student. She was almost done with school, had a structured daily schedule that consisted of waking up, going to school, going to the local library and study until she got a headache. She would walk home at night and go to sleep immediately. For almost three years that was all Belle knew and she was hoping to get her degree without further complications. But hope often differs from reality. Especially when her neighbourhood was suddenly on lockdown, because an escapee was on the loose. Belle didn't expect to one day wake up and find said escapee peacefully sleeping in her room. She didn't expect to scream and wake him up. And she didn't expect that morning to be the beginning of their incredible, yet a little complex love story. But life is always better unplanned and unexpected. "The ex jailbird and the lawyer, what a fucking pair."

1. Red And Blue

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Wings For...
by Devilsmom