Just Dropping In (A...
By Spartan_Abby_Wren
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"So you a Spartan or something?" "Not really. I'm known as a Freelancer." "A gun for hire? Lame." "I'm not a gun for hire and my life is NOT lame." "Well, you're sitting behind bars aren't you? That's kind of lame." "Ok fine. What do you do then?" "I drop feet first into hell." *** ODST Lieutenant Lindsey McKenna has been serving on the front lines since the start. Dropping in from thousands of feet in the air to fight the Covenant that threaten to wipe out humanity. It's a life full of excitement, thrill, and danger.. But she wouldn't trade it for anything. But when a tragedy hits, the UNSC decides to transfer her to a major company known as Charon Industries to assist and protect from the Insurrectionists and the Covenant. Not only that.. but with a mission from ONI to find out the secrets of a fallen organization. It's not as fun as dropping from the sky, but it doesn't mean it's not going to be one heck of a ride. Highest ranking: #1 in ODST


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Just Drop...
by Spartan_Abby_Wren