Untarnished, She Sh...
By kasiapeia_
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"I care about them, you know. The people of the Commonwealth," he says. She meets his eyes, and in that moment, she looks so much like Sarah his heart aches. Her hand finds his own, fingers intertwining. "I know." - - - The war the Brotherhood fights against the Institute cannot be won alone, and Elder Arthur Maxson does not know what to do. They outnumbered, outgunned, and they fight a foe whose face they've never seen. But just when he thinks that all hope is lost, there she stands at the centre of it all, radiant, defiant, and far too perfect for this world gone mad. The woman out of time. Their only hope. But Eleanor Ridley is the spitting image of Sarah Lyons, and just being with her is like losing Sarah all over again. This story is rated M for mature, and contains content not suitable to readers under the age of 18, including but not limited to graphic depictions of violence, profanity, alcohol, and sexual content. Reader discretion is advised. (TL;DR contains content you'd expect from a Fallout game.) Weekly Wednesday updates.

Chapter One

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by kasiapeia_