Without You
By FebAmethyst004
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Love is painful but also beautiful. As an idol, being inlove is hard. Especially if its with another idol. Even worse, from another company. Jung Kook fell in love at first sight in the weirdest way possible. A beautiful girl with an even more beautiful heart, problem is, he doesn't know her. But when he was given a chance to meet her again, he's now faced with an idol from one of Korea's biggest entertainment companies. Will he pursue her? Or will he remain silent and admire her from afar? Chaeyoung has never been inlove before, the idea of love changed when an event from her past tainted it. That is, until she met the Golden Boy. But what if other male idols flock around to try and catch her attention? What happens when she meets an unexpected relative? What would she do if a problem from her past keeps coming back, and trying to harm, not only her, but the people around her as well?

Author's Note

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Without Y...
by FebAmethyst004