Make the Impossible...
By XxDreamzCatcher13
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"Chelsea, can I borrow your pen?" "Hmm... Sure." I said as I hand him my black pen. Cole gets back to his seat and wrote something, then he turned around on his seat, facing me, to make it as if we were sharing the desk. "It doesn't work." I knitted my eyebrows in confusion. I just bought it. Why the heck it doesn't work? "Yes, it does." "Oh really? Then can you try writing your number here." He pushes the paper in front of me and points the paper as he grinned. Whatever it was, I had almost given up on him. He's impossible. ~~~ Chelsea Reagan Noell, a girl who always thinks that everything is impossible said that 'We can't talk when we pinch the bridge of our nose to stop breathing in the air' she always thinks that everything is impossible. For Cole Arthur a boy knows that everything is possible, he even believes that he can jump roof to roof, jump in the pool with thousands of piranha, and even broke in the mall at twelve midnight and no one have ever caught him doing that, having a congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis, does not stop him from saying that everything is possible Will Cole Arthur proof to Chelsea Reagan Noell that he can change the impossible into 'I'm possible' towards Chelsea? What happened if Chelsea knows Cole's medical condition and learn about it? Well. . . You have to find out yourself when you read 'Make the Impossible possible' ~~~ "Nothing is possible..." "Actually, it is possible if only you wake up and see over the world." pause "And that, you can see the true me, that always find my way to your heart." He winked. "Haha... Funny Arthur, nice that's not going to happen." "Or is it?" All Right Reserved © 2019 - XxDreamzCatcher13 28/6/20 - #22 - possible


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Make the...
by XxDreamzCatcher13