He Wasn't A Jerk On...
By onedirectiion_
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***EDITING***[Winner in the 2012 Watty Awards]: - Read at your own risk. There are major grammar issues, plot holes and probably some really annoying stuff in this book. If you want to read a story written when I was 12, then please proceed. Major editing in process. - Victoria Green has many different factors playing against her in her life right now. Being an eighteen year old shouldn't be this stressful - should it? Victoria's dad has betrayed everyone's trust in her family by cheating on her mother and leaving them to fend for themselves. With major tension between Victoria and her mother, a new school being thrown into the mix could not possibly help their current situation. With her mother's decision to move to Doncaster in seek of starting a new life comes with added stress onto the semi-broken household. In order to relieve some of the stress, Victoria looks for an everyday outlet. AIM, an instant messaging site, becomes exactly the outlet she was looking for. When she meets someone under the name Singingforlife24, she begins to develop dangerous feelings for him. But with him being her mystery guy, she has no idea who this guy could be . That is - until she meets the most hated guy in the town of Doncaster at her new school. And his name? Louis Tomlinson. He Wasn't a Jerk Series: #1: He Wasn't a Jerk Online #2: He Wasn't a Jerk Before #3: He Wasn't a Jerk After All #4: He Wasn't a Jerk In The End

He Wasn't A Jerk Online (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

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He Wasn't...
by onedirectiion_