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By SarahSwartz
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What would you give to be with the one you love? 4 years after graduating high school, Jake Thomas-Murray has decided it was about time he accepted the offer to go to Princeton. On one condition: His family has to come too. Now, moving to New Jersey with his wife Marissa, his 4-year-old son and daughter, and Marissa's dad who will help take care of the kids while Jake and Marissa are out; the transition has been put in full effect. Now, with Jake going to college for a good portion of the day, Marissa believes their relationship is starting to suffer. But, when she sings at a coffee house one day, she gets noticed by an agent who lives in the city who is offering to give her a record. With Marissa's new career and Jake going to college while the kids stay with Marissa's dad; will their marriage be able to make it through or will they have to make the most drastic decision of their lives? #JaceTheRebel You can get the new version of book 1 now available on Amazon! Link in bio! Contains scenes of sexual content, fighting, and strong language.

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by SarahSwartz