The Ideal Death
By yourfriendbri
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"In 500 words or less, write your opinion of the worse way to die." When a group of people receive an email from a killer who was once a Harvard professor, they think nothing of it. When the email claimed they were selected to participate in a study, they were eager to join. The only requirement was to write in 500 words or less their opinion of the worst way to die, in great detail. According to the email, if you are one of the chosen five, you will receive an all expense paid trip to one of the most famous mental asylums in Massachusetts. Without thinking, they answered the email, describing their ideal horror death scene. With this new information, the killer uses what they have learned and gets to work. Planning a meeting for each of the selected people, they use their ideal Death Scenes against them. Killing them with exact precision. All the way down to the last detail. They don't understand what is happening until it is too late. When the police get reports of missing people with the email as the only link between them, they know they have a serial kidnapper on the lose. The police are determined to catch this guy but how can they catch someone who is so much smarter than them? After all, she is a killer with a Harvard degree and a deep secret.


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The Ideal...
by yourfriendbri