Our Future [DISCONT...
By DanversFrost35
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Kara Zor-El was a girl from Krypton. Mon-El was a prince from Daxam. When these two met on Earth, they had a tense relationship. However, eventually they started dating. Now, Mon-El is leaving again, with her best friend Winslow Schott, back to the 31st century. Brainy stayed behind. Kara, upset that her love had once again left her alone. Meanwhile, Mon-El returned to the 31st century, mourning about both Kara and his ex-wife Imra Ardeen. When he meets Imra again, things are tough between them. Furthermore, Kara had gone to search for something that could help her reach Mon-El, despite being 12,000 years apart. While Kara was flying above the sky, she collided with a disruption that knocked her unconscious. What will Mon-El say when he sees a figure falling from the sky? How will he react when he discovers the strange figure is Kara? What will Kara do when she sees Blight, having not just defeated Pestilence in her time? Read "Our Future" to find out! Set in an AU where Pestilence was somehow revived and her evolution into Blight took place. Imra's sister is fine. Also, possibly some Sanvers! First book, please be nice and I hope you enjoy it! I will try to update as often as I can! I promise! Please share to as many people (preferably fans) as possible! Disclaimer: I only own the plot. Everything else belongs to the CW and DC Comics. Also, cover is by LordMesa art.

Chapter 1: Kara's Dream

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Our Futur...
by DanversFrost35