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By GreenLeafComics
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[THIS STORY IS IN PROGRESS!] [I ONLY PUBLISHED IT FOR SOMEONE TO REVIEW] This story contains Romance and a bit of Smut. If you do not wish to read Smut, you can skip that part and continue on. This story is dedicated to Starset fans, I hope you enjoy. I try my best to make it interesting. :') Characters: Dustin Bates (Lead Singer of Starset) & You (The Reader) Y/N = Your Name (Directed to you) DB or D = Dustin Bates Setting: Your Apartment, Restaurant, & Dustin's House Note: I will not spoil the story any further, If you spot some errors in my sentences. Please try your best to correct them yourself, I'm not always perfect with my spelling. I tend to misspell some words, forget words in a sentence or mix words up. I type fast so that's a reason why.

Chapter One

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Dustin Ba...
by GreenLeafComics