Don't Pass Me By...
By jp_mclennon
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TRIGGER WARNING: contains homophobic slurs, alcohol abuse and NSFW content. ====================================== "Don't pass me by, don't make me cry, don't make me blue. 'Cause you know, Darling, I love only you." John Lennon has just moved to a new rural town surrounded by thick woods and greenery, forced to leave his friends back at home. He has to adapt to new changes, a new school and new people. This new place is nearly abandoned except for a few small shops here and there. Extremely different from his life in Liverpool. Everyday, John goes down to a little lake... Penny Lake... and sees the same ebony-haired boy with his friends. All John wants to do is get that Paul boy alone so that they can become closer. This has proven to be difficult as George, Paul's best mate, is inseparable from Paul. Not only that, but other problems arise seemingly out of nowhere. Will John be able to talk to the boy and find similar interests? Or will something deeper unfold infront of them? ====================================== - Completed - Ranked #1 in the Mclennon Tag and #1 in Starrison - HELLA Angsty

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Don't Pas...
by jp_mclennon