Temptation [BxB] (...
By Yeon-Jae
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Noah Williams , is a carefree, happy go-lucky kind of guy. He is gay and is happy with who he is . That is until it happened..after that, he became much more introverted and is determined to complete his senior year and get the hell out, so he can attend college and have a new beginning where no one knows anything about him.. where he can have a clean slate..where he can put it all behind him.....where he can finally forget about him.. Mathew Summers , is as straight as they come.. he's the new kid that just transferred in and starts dating the popular Jane.. he's never really cared about anyone or thought about having a real relationship... until he meets Noah..what he doesn't expect is the effect that this pale skinned, sharp mouthed classmate of his , has on him...and it confuses the hell out of him. Will he come to accept it and embrace it, or will he stick to his natural self and push everyone away.. including Noah??? NOTE: THIS IS A BL BOOK! (BOY X BOY) Meaning there is intimacy between men. If you do not like it...kindly refrain from reading.. Thank you!

Chapter 1

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by Yeon-Jae