The Rainbow Theory...
By ccstarfield
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One notorious gay heartbreaker. One homophobic ex-best friend and his kleptomaniac brother. Mix in a sex tape, commitment issues, and some explosive chemistry. The illusion of Dreyden's perfect life can't survive this disaster. ***** Dreyden is very good at being who others wants him to be. He's an obedient, church-going son, a perfect student, the life of every party. Maintaining the equilibrium means staying in the closet at home, so it's lucky his parents don't suspect a thing when he lies. When others are happy, it's easy to forget that he isn't. After one drunk night gets out of control, Dreyden dumps his loving boyfriend rather than admit to what he did. Adrift and increasingly alienated from his friends, he finds himself sucked into Orion's dysfunctional orbit. Orion has a habit of taking things that don't belong to him, but what's worse is his angry, homophobic brother, who used to be Dreyden's best friend. Bad habits might be harder to escape than the gravity of unwanted feelings, but maybe Dreyden's equilibrium isn't as stable as he pretends. And maybe Orion is about to disrupt it all, whether Dreyden is ready or not. ***** Contains sexual content, profanity, underage substance use, dark themes. *featured on Wattpad's "Stories to Read OUT Loud" list* Complete at 137k words. Cover by @relevy

Absolute Zero

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The Rainb...
by ccstarfield