Blood Moon ( Teen W...
By WontBackDown
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"Do you ever feel empty? Like as if you're so alone and even though there are people out there trying to help you.. you just push them away?" -Skylar Luna Skylar Luna, might seem like the typical definition of a teen. Even she thoughtshe was some what like everyone else. Of course there was that, constant, nagging, feeling that erged her to think otherwise. She never would have thought this was possible, only in stories or folktales, but never real. How could her parents have hid this about herself? Her ultimate question , how did this happen? And how do I control it? © All Rights Reserved 2014 ----no need to worry you can read it even if you don't watch teen wolf. make sure to ask questions I will respond as quickly as possible if not right away. ---- (A/N) I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS OF TEEN WOLF SUCH AS .. SCOTT, STILES, ISACC, ALISON, LYDIA, DEREK, PETER, CORA, TALIA OR ANY THAT ARE PROPERTY OF THE BRILLIANT JEFF DAVIS. Any Supernatural plots, events, etc seen on the TV show are also not owned by myself. ----- .. Another Author's note.. Please read this book I myself am incredibly excited for it and have put so much effort into it. This book will be part of a series(;

Chapter One

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Blood Moo...
by WontBackDown