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By ivewaited12years
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Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are a couple of teenagers in their sophomore year of High school. They are both well known through the entire school. But not in a good way. Percy and Annabeth are both mute. Not because they can't speak. but because they don't want to speak. They only speak at home with their families. Percy has been abused before. His ex step father abused him for several years before he ended up dying in a car crash when drunk. He has also been bullied at school for many years because of his scars. Percy only talks to his mother, and his two cousins Nico and Thalia because they were there for him when he was abused. they come over to his house quite often. Annabeth was also abused by her stepmother Hellen. Her step mother is now in an insane asylum where she is almost always in a straight jacket because she is so crazy. Her step mother was only married to her dad for two years before she really showed her true colors and Annabeths dad found out about her abusing his daughter. He called the police and she was taken away to an insane asylum after being diagnosed with very extreme mental disorders. Annabeth was also bullied in Elementary school and middle school for being extremely intelligent and head of her class. she became mute in 8th grade. She now only talks to her dad, her cousin Magnus who lives with them, her older brother Malcom and her two little step Brothers who Annabeths father kept instead of sending to a orphanage. They were only two after all when Hellen was taken away. Will these two teenagers meet and be able to help each other? Or will they become complete enemies? Disclaimer: all character rights go to Rick Riordan. Cover rights go to the artist Viria. (I am no where near that talented.) All I own is the plot. (sorry for such long description)


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Mute Perc...
by ivewaited12years