By Reedah_Brahim
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  • possessive
  • romance
  • shewolf
  • suspence
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  • war
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  • werewolvesandvampires


She was born from an impossible union, one that was frowned upon by her people, one that was considered forbidden. Being the granddaughter to an Alpha, she possesses incredible qualities that makes her unique and respected by all everywhere she went. Not knowing she was meant to be kept as a secret, she sought for a free life that she couldn't have. Everyone thought she was normal, doing normal human like things and ofc falling in love but the unexpected happens in her life that leaves her having to choose between love destiny and desire. On the night she turns 18, not only does she change physically, but her life takes a drastic turn. She falls in love and gives her heart out to one, she's destined to rule a pack along side another, and she's wanted and desired by another who claims to be betrothed to her. What will Alva choose? And will she survive the turmoil she is to be thrown into? The fight for her is a fight to the death. Who would be willing to die for her? Most importantly, is she capable of making her own decisions and balancing her life? Credits for my cover goes to @Ink_Smoke_ZS Her covers are amazing.. Hit her up for a cover and she won't disappoint.


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by Reedah_Brahim