A Heart in New York...
By cumberbatch-hooked
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Kurt Hummel is nine-teen years old. Two years ago he graduated from William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. He attended the school's glee club, 'New Directions'. He was bullied in school, because of his sexuality, but he pulled through and didn't let anyone stop him from dreaming. He is now starting his second year at NYADA, New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts, with his best friend Rachel Berry. His life has never been better. Blaine Anderson is eighteen years old and just moved to New York so he could go to NYADA and become a star. He graduated from Dalton Academy, a private, boarding school in Westerville, Ohio, where he was the star of the glee club, 'The Warblers'. He is ready to see what the big city has in store for him. Kurt starts his second year at NYADA, together with his best friend, Rachel, when Blaine arrives, a freshman with amazing talent, and turns his world upside down.

A Heart in New York

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A Heart i...
by cumberbatch-hooked