A Witch Fit to be a...
By lavendernewmoon333
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The thought of adulting makes Abigail want to crawl underneath her sheets and stop time. But then that would require a certain level of mastery in the study of Alchemy, which would require her to study, and put in her precious me-time. All of these are a hard pass for Abigail. But when her very existence is threatened, she moves faster than ever before to save herself. What she finds, is not what she sought. Find out how an underachieving witch takes over the throne. Story Status [X] ONGOING [ ] 1ST DRAFT [ X ] EDITING/REVISING Author's notes: 1. This is an ongoing novel. I will post updates every Friday. 2. I welcome all feedback of my work and I promise to use to make the story better. 3. Let me know what you like or don't like. What confuses you or makes you scratch your head. 4. As the story develops and the action unfolds (look for chapter 10 and onwards) you will see a few curse words here and there. 5. There will be a few love scenes during Abigail's journey. I will switch it to mature when I publish those parts or may make it private (I haven't figured that out yet). 6. I write my stories with love and try to include as many different people as I can. Diversity is what makes this world such a beautiful place and I want to show that beauty in my novels. 7. Lastly, I can't wait to hear your feedback. ***Sending everyone in WATTPAD so much love. XO

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A Witch F...
by lavendernewmoon333